Sound design for Kaisa Koulu and Anna Torkkel’s new dance piece for children, Vuokko (Anemone).

The performace shows one flower’s growth from a seed to a blooming plant. The making of the performance has been inspired by the wonder of all that is alive and the diverse miracles of growth. The porous and soft structure of the non-verbal performance, as well as the combination of different elements give space for a small spectator’s own imagination and associations. The half-hour long performance is suitable for children ages 1-12 years.

Choreography: Kaisa Koulu and Anna Torkkel together with Elli Syrjänen

Dance: Kaisa Koulu and Elli Syrjänen

Visual design: Piia Rinne

Sound design: Marja Johansson

Production: Ehkä-production, Kaisa Koulu and Anna Torkkel

Supported by: Arts Promotion Centre Finland

Photo: Hertta Kiiski

Performances at Kutomo:

Sat 13.5. at 4 pm premiere

Fri 19.5. at 7 pm

Sun 21.5. at 12 pm

Thu 25.5. at 4 pm

Sat 27.5. at 4 pm

Tickets: 10/6€

Reservations and inquiries: ehkatuotanto(at)

Contemporary art space Kutomo, Kalastajankatu 1 B, 20100 Turku

Bus 1 Market place – Harbour, Veistämöntori station or bus 12 Market place – Härkämäki, Annankatu station