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Rain Cycle

A new track for Troglobatem Festival 2017 mix tape – a short ballad of resonance and friction. Recorded at EMS Stockholm, March 2017.

Fall dates

5.10.2017 HET BOS, ANTWERPEN 6.10.2017 LES ATELIERS CLAUS, BRUSSELS (w/ Lee Ranaldo) 8.10.2017 WORM, ROTTERDAM (w/ DSR Lines) 22.10.2017 TROGLOBATEM FESTIVAL, STUTTGART (w/ Riccardo Sinagaglia, Embryo, Eugene Chadbourne & Virginia Genta etc.) 23.10.2017 221QM, DARMSTADT 24.20.2017 PRACHT, LEIPZIG 10.11.2017 TITANIK, TURKU (w/ Lea Bertucci) 24.-25.11. TSEMBLA, SOLA FESTIVAALI, HELSINKI 8.12.2017 TSEMBLA, SOUND ROOM, HELSINKI


Tsembla bandcamp updated with the Dances tape released by Paitapes in the beginnning of summer. Four tracks made for dance and live performances 2016 – one for Sandrina Lindgren’s dance piece The Olympic Shames and three for a tour in Japan last year. Cover art by Niko Karlsson. 

Threads for Nya Perspektiv

Tsembla live at Nya Perspektiv, Västerås, Sweden, 1 July 2017. The set was partly prepared and rehearsed during my residency at EMS Stockholm the two previous weeks and includes some samples of my work there with the Buchla systems, as well as field recordings from Skyros, Greece and a Tokyo burial ground.


Sound design for Kaisa Koulu and Anna Torkkel’s new dance piece for children, Vuokko (Anemone). The performace shows one flower’s growth from a seed to a blooming plant. The making of the performance has been inspired by the wonder of all that is alive and the diverse miracles of growth. The porous and soft structure […]

EMS Residency

I’m starting a one week residency at EMS in Stockholm today, then coming back for two more weeks in June. First meeting with the Buchla.