Tulip Antenna

Tulppaaniantenni / Tulpanantenn / Tulip Antenna
Exhibition with Mikko Kuorinki at K17 – Space for Art and Ecology, Sipoo, November 2022

Tulip Antenna (2022) is a collaborative installation of objects and sounds by Mikko Kuorinki and Marja Ahti. The sounds and objects in the installation are physically, energetically and poetically linked to each other as well as the room and surrounding environment. They combine everyday materials – artificial, organic, decrepit, mint, momentary, timeless – in a gesture releasing them from their usual function and giving them another.

Sounds vibrate within the objects and the surfaces of the room. Sculptures speak through their own material, each assigned one voice, singing together in various constellations. Some objects are speaking, some are mute. Some are becoming charged with meaning and value. Sounding events are part of the ongoing vibration of the material world. The world is a flower, all phenomena are flowers. Where tile shards whisper, where dust heaps scream and shout – what does the tulip say?

Oakwood plank, found stone, eye rinse cup, cotton handkerchief, copper pipe, cotton fabric treated with wax, tactile transducer speaker, recording of water between hotplate and kettle, flower
👁 Pinewood plank, beeswax, copper, found paper cup, cotton handkerchief, flower
👂Tactile transducer speaker on ceiling lamp, vibrations in a piece of metal outdoors recorded with geophone and neodymium magnet

Oakwood plank, eye rinse cup, found face towel, honing stone, metal bell, foam, tactile transducer speaker, recording of slow variations on piano of Erik Satie’s “Ce que dit la petite princesse des tulipes” (What the Little Princess of Tulips Said), Menus propos enfantins, 1913, flower

Exhibition overview, video documentation by Appu Jasu