Vegetal Negatives


Marja Ahti: Vegetal Negatives
B-galleria 18.–29.4.2018

”Let us unfold the animal outward: the bronchia will become a thick foliage, keeping its respiratory function, but in reverse, naturally (absorption of CO2), reversed also as concerns color, from the tint of calves’ lungs to its complementary of cabbage green. The digestive system will become roots, maintaining its role of drawing in nourishment from the outside environment. […] Thus, to each animal form there exists a corresponding vegetal form. The man who would find his vegetal negative and unite with it would restore the integrity of the cosmos.” – René Daumal, ”Treatise on Pataphotograms” 

Vegetal Negatives is a game of metamorphosis, mimicry and association – minerals rewound into living creatures, body organs translated to musical organs, greenhouse technology singing to silently listening organisms and vast landscapes echoing in small containers and shells. Living and non-living beings are each other’s ancestors. The exhibition is an exploration of narrative in sound unfolding in a visual environment. Sounds of spontaneous and artificial climates, dry branches, mud, stones, construction waste and tools, vibration, friction, human everyday rituals, electronic signals, respiration, foam, food and liquids are breathing forth a cyclical prayer for the shapeshifting world. The installation consists of a long sound cycle in a scenographic setting of sculptures, objects, minerals and plants.

Marja Ahti (b.1981, Luleå) is a Turku-based artist working mainly with sound. She works with field recordings and other acoustic sound material combined with synthesizers and feedback in order to find a borderland where the sounds start to communicate. Ahti has been making music for the past ten years under the moniker Tsembla as well as under her own name. She is a member of the Himera work group, one half of the duo Ahti & Ahti and collaborator in Kemialliset Ystävät and IAX.

The exhibition is supported by Swedish Cultural Foundation. The sound piece at the heart of the installation was prepared in residency at EMS Stockholm with support from Nordic Culture Point.

B-galleria, Aninkaistenkatu 5 L 5, 20100 Turku

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