Vegetal Negatives is a game of sonic mutations, mimicry, inversions, and association inspired by a text called “On pataphotograms”, by the French writer René Daumal – a quasi-metaphysical essay that toys with breaking the conceived separateness of natural forms through poetic imagination.

The four electroacoustic compositions on the album combine and arrange field recordings, electronic feedback, Buchla and ARP synthesizers, bowl gong and harmonium, textures of detailed acoustic sound, and sustained tones with gentle microtonal beating into a precise musical narrative.

Vegetal Negatives was released by Hallow Ground on March 29th 2019.


A piece for the Longform Editions series, an online gallery of extended, immersive music. Entering a Cloud draws inspiration from the cycles of liquid in the atmosphere and in the body. A strange substance trickles, evaporates, condensates, crystallizes, melts and coagulates into slime, carrying vibration and resonance. Inside the cloud visibility ends at arms length.