Thousand Times Yes


Thousand Times Yes
Experimental chamber opera for soprano, cello, chamber choir and tape.
70 min

Upcoming performances (dates to be confirmed):
Inkonst in collaboration with IAC, Malmö (October 2021)
Kunsthal Rønnebæksholm, Naestved (May 2022)
Kiasma Theater, Helsinki (August 2022)

All is silent
The word is a poem
The poem
becomes a mountain
Milky dewdrops
reflect its surroundings.
Then a sound –
The sound is a voice,
if I say what I want to say
if I say so
if I say what I have said
You will be there
Listening to that voice

An ancient organism in the Earth’s crust has started to transform and rise towards the surface. Its movements are resonated by the surrounding bodies of Minerals, Bacteria, Fungi, Gasses and the Atmosphere, resulting instability and uncertainty that clusters into a web of unexpected conflicts. Our protagonist is a human called G, who is unwillingly equipped with a skill to connect and communicate with different bodies and beings. She is summoned to mediate between the conflicting parties – and eventually with the ancient underground organism itself. G finally throws herself to the task fully, but the forces of the Universe are unexpected.

Music by Marja Ahti
Libretto & visuals by Jenny Kalliokulju
Directed & visuals by Essi Kausalainen

Helsinki ensemble:
G: Johanna Kalliokulju
Bee: Florian Feigl
MA: Marja Ahti
Washing machine / Worm / Stream: Yuko Takeda
Stream: Ahti Leppänen and Villa Ruscica
Cello: Aino Juutilainen






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