Vegetal Negatives (Hallow Ground, 2019)

Entering A Cloud (Longform Editions, 2018)



Listening being, Titanik Gallery, Turku, 15.1.–17.2.2019
Group exhibition

Vegetal Negatives, B-galleria, Turku, 18.-29.4.2018
Solo exhibition



Thousand Times Yes, Premiere May 6th 2020 at Kiasma Theatre
An experimental chamber opera for soprano, chamber choir, electronics and objects. Collaboration with Jenny Kalliokulju (libretto, visuals) and Essi Kausalainen (director, visuals).

Parantava astia – Healing Bowl, performance 23.11.2018, XS vol. 10, Kutomo, Turku.
Collaboration with performance artists Essi Kausalainen and Florian Feigl. A performance for three two legged with support structures, sound system, text and modified sound masses. The title of the piece refers to a healing tradition that operates on resonance produced by specific frequencies. It refers to a bowl both as an instrument and as a vessel for combining and mixing different elements.



The Avant-Guardian
November 2019

Soundest Zine
Issue 4, August 2019

Tone Glow
May 15, 2019



Hallo Echo
November 4, 2019

Cashmere Radio
May 13, 2019